Culture and Heritage

There are three official languages in Belgium: Flemish, French and German, forming three civilizations coexisting side by side  today in Belgium.

 Cultural projects witnessed coordination and harmonization  among different Belgian communities. In the field of Fine Arts the two communities of Flemish and Francophone have a common heritage dating back to professors of Flemish art.

 The Belgian art production coincided with years of economic prosperity, as was the case in the era of Bourguignon strain in the 15th century AD, which was rich, especially in paintings, music, architecture and literature.

 The  twentieth century witnessed a non-stop cultural activities. Undoubtedly,  it is difficult to define the Belgian art, that  is due to Belgian artists being attracted to  Paris and other European capitals.

 Government provides support and financial assistance to producers, writers and directors of Belgian cultural movies, and there is a committee to select movies that can be supported, and there is an   official authority in charge of market research and marketing of audiovisual production and multimedia, aims to stimulate exchanges between Belgian producers and international  importers of Belgian movies.