Belgium is one of the most important industrial countries in European, it has huge amounts of coal in the valley of (Alsambr - Maz) and coal fields extend to France, which form the greatest industrial region in Belgium, where  there is iron, glass, zinc and chemicals industry. A quarter of the population of Belgium lives in the industrial region, and there are some workers from Islamic countries. Industries  also spread in the central plain, while industries based on animal products,  textiles and clothing  are scattered in Flanders plain.

Agriculture spreads in Belgian plains, especially in the central plain, where  the richest agricultural lands are found. Also, in Flanders plain  and the  plateau of the Ardennes.
Crops consist of  wheat, barley, rye, sugar beet and fodder. Animals are raised in agriculture areas as well as in the plateau of the Ardennes.

The most important exports are cars, foodstuff (especially chocolate), iron and steel, diamonds, textiles, petroleum products and chemical industry.

The main  imports are food, raw diamonds, crude oil and textiles. Germany, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and Spain are the most important trading partners of Belgium. 23.4% of the workforce in the country work in industry, 2.0% in agriculture and 74.6% in services (2000 statistics). The tourism sector plays an important role in the economy, especially in recreational tourism.