Major Cities in Belgium:

1- Brussels (The Capital)
Brussels is located in the middle of Belgium. The region of Brussels is one of the four federal regions that form the kingdom of Belgium, and the city is 1111 years old.
The first walls to protect the city were built in mid-11th century.
Brussels became the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1831 AD, it consists of eleven municipalities and it has a population of one million person, the green area is 10% of the total area.
C It is considered the capital of the European Union, due to the various institutions of the European union seated in it, such as the "NATO", and other international organizations. The official language is French and Flemish. Three cultures coexist in the city: French, Flemish and German.

2- Ghent 
The city is built at the confluence  of two rivers, and the older name of the city is “Ganda” which is derived from the old Celtic language. It is a developed city and it has its own private port. In the tenth century, wooden walls were  built to protect the city.
It is one of the most important commercial centers in the north of Europe, it is known for  the production of clothing made from wool which is  imported from England.
It is also a city of flowers and flower farms, an industry which made the city one of the largest exporters of begonia and azalea roses. It is the fourth city in terms of importance in the Kingdom of Belgium.

3- Antwerp
Antwerp (The diamond capital) is located in the Flemish region, the city is an important industrial center, where capital funds from the US and Germany invest in several industries such as heavy industry, machinery, foodstuff and chemical industry.
Antwerp port is the fourth largest port in the world, nearly  8.1% GIP passes through it yearly. It is  the second largest in Europe, it contributes with 51% of GDP in Belgium.

4- Liege
It is located to the east of Brussels in the Walloon region, it is a crossroads of Northern and southern European cultures. Liege has become the third largest city in the Kingdom of Belgium.
The Renaissance monuments scattered around the town, are of the most important sights, such as the 'Prince Bishops' palace dating back to the 16th century, the Cathedral of Liege and 'St. James' church dating to the middle ages. 'the Meuse river' is famous for its natural beauty, and the  parks scattering  on its banks.

5- Bruges
Was founded in the 9th century; the first walls to protect the city were built  in the 12th century.
It was connected to the North Sea through a sea canal. Tourism has become one of the basic sources as it’s called the Venice of the North for having multiple canals. You can have a splendid  time cruising these canals by boat, or roaming the old markets.
The city is famous for its  hand-made lace doilies.

6- Ostend 
One of the coastal cities located on the Belgian North Sea beach and features a large coast and important port connecting England and Belgium. Dutch, Spanish and French troops fought many battles over Ostend, given its importance as a port, and it was destroyed in World War 1 and World War 2.
Ostend is a modern summer resort, visitors can enjoy its parks which are overlooking the sea.

7- Namur
It is considered as the capital of the province of Namur and the Walloon Region because it is the seat of the government and the Walloon parliament.
The city is located at the junction of two rivers and there are traces of a fortress built in the tenth century AD and a Cathedral which was built between 1511-1565 AD.
It is a town with its own special character for those who seek  calmness  and relaxation and the enjoyment of the  view of surrounding mountains and rivers.

Tourist Attractions:

First: Brussels region

Grand Place
It is  one of the most famous and beautiful areas in the world for the quality and superiority of its architectural style of buildings, incorporated in 1998  on the World Heritage list of UNESCO, the grand place square was built in 1455, and it contains the municipal building and the House of the King which now contains a Museum of handcrafts  and  artistic products. The large square also contains a number of modern cafes and restaurants, and in the middle of this square a large  carpet of flowers is spread  in the summer, every two years.  

Address: La Grand-Place-City Center

2- Atomium

This iron structure  was established during the Brussels International exhibition of 1958, it is consisting of 8 balls, each of which has a diameter of 18 meters which is in the form of the nucleus, it contains several exhibition centers, and in top ball there is a restaurant with a wonderful panoramic view of Brussels.  

Address: Square de l'Atomium, 1200 Bruxelles
Fees: 11 € for adults, 6 € for children
Tel: 77 47 475 02

3- Bruparck - mini Europe
A mini-buildings of the most important landmarks of the cities of the European Union, visitors will notice the skill and precision it took to build these miniatures  which are minimized for more than 25 times of the original size. This gallery of Mini Europe spreads over an area of 5 hectares alongside the Atomium, both sites can be visited with one ticket. 

Address: Brupark-Mini Europe, 1200 Bruxelles
fees: 13,40 € for adults - 10 € for children
Tel: 50 05 478 02

4- Museum of natural sciences
It is a Museum of natural sciences which focuses on the history of ancient human and giant extinct animals. The  visitor can see 12 moving dinosaurs “Iguanodons”. Also, there is a Hall summarizing most of the historical information about ancient human beings and their natural surroundings. 

Address: Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Bruxelles
fees: 4€ for adults - 3€ for children
Tel: 026274211

5- Royal Museum of Art and History

6- International Motor Show

7- The Islamic Cultural Center in Belgium

Second: East Flanders Province

1-Minerva Marine
You can become captain of a mini yacht load of 6 people, sailing across the Lys River with family and friends for several hours or the entire day. And you can hire a yacht with a captain and a tour guide for several hours, It is recommended to pre-book such activities.
The Marina is close to the downtown of the city of Ghent.  

Address: 13a Wildemis, 9190 Gent
Fees: 4 person boat for 2 hours: 47 euros, 68 euros for three hours.  Times: 10 am to 5 pm
Tel: 092337917

2-  Bourgoyen area
510 hectares of green nature for recreation and play. There are a lot of activities such as water games, mini-golf, rental boats and educate children on the laws of traffic, the area can be explored using the tram or by bicycles.

Address: Lochristi - 1a Puyenburg, 9185Wachtebeke
Fees: free entry, each game fee is paid separately
Tel: 093244221

3- De ster Amusement park
Over 100 hectares of green area, you can play mini-golf, trampolines, carting, ball and all kinds of exercise.
Contains several spaces for rest and recreation, swimming pool, children's play area, zoo for children, restaurants, cafes and artificial lake.

Address: Lange Rekstraat, 30 - 9100 Sint-Niklaas
Fees: 2.20 euros for adults - 1 euro for children
Tel: 037760348

Third: west Flanders Province

It is one of a kind reptiles zoo, the visitor will discover the various kinds of reptiles and its natural habitat, also the visitor will be able to see rare kind of animals such as the giant spider and other scorpions and rare insects .

Address:  Zeedijk 146, 8370 Blankenberge
Fees: 8€ for adults, 5.50€ for children
Tel: 050424300

2- Diamond Museum

The visitor will see the evolution of diamond cutting techniques, as well as some amazing and rare diamond stones.
The museum is located in Bruges.

Address: Katelijnestraat - 43 ، 8000 Brugge
Working hours: 10:30am – 5:30pm

3- Bellewaerde Park
It is a theme park located 80 minutes far from Brussels, there are sections for zoo, American cowboy village, waterfalls, forests, children amusement park and tours to visit crocodiles, Hippopotamus and others

Address: Meenseweg, 497 - 8902 Leper
Fees: 26€ adults, 22,50€ for children
Working hours: 10am – 7pm

Fourth: Antwerp provenance

1- Zoo 
Located in the middle of Antwerp near the main train station.

Address: Kon Astrid Plein 26 ، 2018Antwerpen
Fees: 16.9€ adults, 11.9€ for children
Working hours: 9am – 7pm
Tel: 0320245450

2- Diamond Museum

80% of the diamonds sold in the world is coming from Antwerp, as it’s considered as the world’s capital for diamonds.

Address: Kon Astrid Plein 19-23 ، 2018Antwerpen
Fees: 6€ adults, 4€ for children
Working hours: 10am – 5:30pm
Tel: 032024890

3- Bobbejaanland

It is a theme park with more than 50 different fun rides, it is one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe. It is 90 minutes from Brussels city center.

Address: Olensesteenweg 45, 2460 Litchtaart
Fees: 31€ adults, 27€ for children
Working hours: 9:30am – 7pm
Tel: 014557811

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:


Luxembourg (the capital)
Luxembourg is located in the heart of Western Europe 218 km away from Brussels, 852 km from Paris and 211 km from Cologne. It is one of the smaller European countries in terms of area and population, the official languages ​​in the country are French, German, Luxembourg and the last is a mixture of the two languages (German and French).
Luxembourg City was  established in 369 AD and due to its massive fortifications and geographical location was  named  the "North Gibraltar Mountain”, it also is one of the three main seats of the European Union with its financial and legal institutions. Duchy got independence in 1393 AD and became the capital city of the country.
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has many tourist and historic places, it is characterized by its  charming nature where bridges, rivers, green slopes, dense forests in addition to the historic castles and towers that many stories and novels were based on.
For more information about tourist attractions, as well as events and festivals you may visit this website